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randy williams sr. say that the label police arrested the wrong man for the shooting death of 17 year- old gary white. he was killed while attending a party early sunday morning. williams' wife, feelsorry for her husband's safety spoke with me. >> he cannot do that while he was in bed sleeping across town. > my son has to have is that harris hand on my long. >> he's she says that her husband is not a violent person. >> he is not a violent person, he is not a mean person. he would not kill a kid. it is horrible. >> i asked her why she thought he was being held responsible for the teen- ager's death.
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>> i do not know if he's being framed or if it was just a misunderstanding. i want the truth to come out. i want him to be free. i do not want him to go to jail for something that he did not do. my son does not need to lose is that over something he did not do. >> heavy fog caused problems in the bay area this morning. a big storm is just around the corner. this is video from san francisco international airport earlier and look at how thick fog is. major delays and you can see why. severe delays this morning, how are things looking tonight? >> it has gotten a little better as the weather starts to clear up. at the fog this morning really slow things down. you combine that with heavy holiday travel and you get lines like this. lot of cancellations and delays are on the board.
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this family's fault flying back to philly after spending the thanksgiving was family. calling had she thought her travel date would be smooth. >> we saw that there is a delay and they did not tell us when we checked and. >> cancellations were due to heavy fog that in the area. >> delays were 60 to 90 minutes in duration. we saw about 30 flight cancellations. >> we have some kids and it would be about four hours waiting. >> more than a hundred and 30,000 people have traveled through that airport. the number is lower today because of the weather slowing things down.
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>> we kept calling and they said that our flight was on time so we expected our flight to be on time. >> i'm hoping we're not delayed more than this and that we will get in some time tonight. >> an addition to the weather being a problem at the sheer volume of people coming out of the sfo has been a big problem. three airports in the bay area and sfo has the most traffic coming in and out of it. at that will also slow down flights. >> i was just about to ask of the other flights, airports were doing. a live look outside. we will show you at scott you mentioned the other airports are also seen delays. >> san jose is seeing some of the same delays with that fall. you definitely want to
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call ahead and see how your flight is. >> now for a live look outside. you can see the fog cover there. on the bottom right the san francisco skylight. some big changes are ahead and when can we expect the rain? >> cloudy conditions as you said that near the golden gate bridge. you could see the cloud cover and we'll see fog once again and the overnight hours. satellite may our shores a big storm sitting to the north. it is extending well down to the south. it is tapping into some sub tropical moisture. when that happens we will see some pretty heavy rain. that will not be in so mainly tomorrow night and wednesday morning. isn't
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mainly in the '50s right now. we will be seen fog once again as i mentioned for the overnight hours and there's a chance we will see more delays tomorrow morning at the airport. in the afternoon clear skies are expected especially in line. we will see clouds as the rain approaches for wednesday morning. heavy rain. we will not want to mess futures forecast. >> a brazen robbery attempt in the south bay this morning. gunfire erupted and it was the owner who opened fire, not the suspect. >> it was early monday morning in the store in san jose open for the day. all of a sudden 2 men storm through the front door armed with handguns. those suspect started hitting this glass case with their guns trying to break it. inside the case was expensive jewelry. the clerk said that
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the female store owner pulled out a handgun. she opened fire on the suspects. it is unclear how many shots were fired by police say the suspects left quickly and empty-handed. no one was injured. as far as the owner opening fire, police say it is unusual and not recommended. >> we do not recommend it. we would prefer that they just go ahead and comply with the request or demand of the robbers. they were after material items that can be replaced. >> security video was confiscated, the men were massed but the police hope that it will help them solve this crowcrime. >> a 14 year-old was charged with attempted murder, sexual assault and kidnapping of a 64 year-old woman. caviar king kidnapped
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a woman at fordusk and stow her vehicle drove several miles away, sexually assaulted her and then left her in a ditch. a 15 year-old boy is accused of killing a man in san jose. both suspects are being held for murder, armed robbery in the attempted murder of the police officer. he will return to court in december. a record number of consumers to their holiday shopping over the weekend according to a survey of the national retail federation. 247 million people visited stores and web sites over the thanksgiving holiday weekend. that is up 9% from last year. the survey shows the shoppers spend more this year as well. the average shopper is shelled out $324.
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>> it is good news, the trend is in the right direction. >> consumer confidence has been slowly improving with the u.s. economy. >> it is not the highest error has been but as high as a was before the recession started. maybe now we are at a normal point. >> how much people spending the thanksgiving weekend can be an important indicator for the entire season. one- fifth of retail sales comes from holiday shopping. it is too soon to tell what this means for the overall economic picture. >> consumers are spending more than they did last year. it is good news but at the same time it is a small amount of total goods and services produced. it is a
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weekend of fact. is it a trend that will continue? if it continues next year it would suggest that we are getting out of this. we don't know that yet. >> the national retail federation is predicting $586 billion, up 4% from 2011. they may have to adjust the forecast once more is known about whether and not government leaders will be able to avert the fiscal cliff. >> taxes go up for everyone, less money to spend and you don't buy anything. >> one of the benefits of shopping on line is that you can do it from just about anywhere. with most people back to work on sun insider monday we're asking on facebook if you made any purchases from your job? if you have not done any
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cyber monday shopping yet it is still out there still time to snag a deal. >> the stakes are high and we need to address this in a serious way. >> this is the thumb and louise crowd. the ones who dream of higher taxes and bigger government. >> is only the house would consider freezing tax rates for 90 percent of the moment american families >> people want to know if washington is any closer to avoid the dreaded fiscal cliff. we'll have the latest on progress after the break.
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>> 36 days and counting until the fiscal cliff and washington lawmakers are heading back to work after thanksgiving break. there are hints of compromise in the air. most americans understand the fiscal cliff is scary and a series of looming tax hikes and spending cuts that could damage the economy. president obama has been pressuring republicans to reach a compromise that increases taxes on wealthy americans. a handful of republicans are suggesting they might break their pledge to never go for higher taxes. >> i will violate the
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pledge, long story short for the good of the country. >> the world has changed. >> it is music to years of the white house and very disturbing to this man. he is an anti-tax person and who got the republicans to sign a note signed the no tax increase agreement in the first place. >> if you go to voters and say i made this promise and now i'm breaking his promise you should know that and say to them. >> 258 members of congress have signed the pledge. only about half dozen have x rest doubts about it. the test of whether not there are willing to break a promise to not bring taxes will come in the next six weeks. the president seems to be gaining a little ground today and senator john mccain seemed to soften his
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position on susan rice. rice was the choice to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. mccain was her sharpest critic and now he is saying she deserves a chance to be heard. also the ceo of hostess is not trying to sugarcoat the demise of the company. he said management made some bad decisions including a big pay raise for the former ceo. the final straw was what happened with the bakers union and a refuse to sign with the company. the deal that was rejected has been accepted by other unions. >> they were not making demands in terms of anything additional they just rejected it the contract and went on strike. there is a bad history, i came in march but there were bad management decisions. they did not make capital investments. there is plenty of blame to go around. >> the company has heard from interested parties who might buy some of the
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hostess brand. he is confirming that is being talked about but more than 18,000 workers could still face unemployment. >> we're in for major changes as we head into the work week. tomorrow will be very similar to today. this morning fog and sunshine in the afternoon. we will see an increasing clouds tomorrow afternoon. increasing wins tomorrow night and by wednesday morning we will be looking at heavy rain and gusty wind. as we head into thursday heavy rain will continue. temperatures will stay in a low 60s there the next several days. tomorrow afternoon low 60s for most of the bay area. temperatures will set basically in the low 60s. fog expected once again and you can see clouds approaching the coast line. the storm is still sitting well to the north. the tale is extending well off shore.
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when it extends this long what is happening is there's tropical moisture. when we see that we tend to see pretty heavy rain. future cast into tomorrow afternoon increasing clouds and at the chance of showers by six. into the overnight hours rain will start and the north bay and we will see lighter showers continuing. here comes the heavy rain in the sub travel, sure coming with this system. the 6:00 hour brings modern rain to the coastline. right smack dab in the morning commute widespread moderate to even heavy rain. the darker shade of yellow and orange is shade indicates the heavy rain. that will continue to be widespread through the 9:00 hour pushing down toward the east bay and south bay by 10. finally seeing a break in the north bay and as a movement to the 1:00 hour a few showers will remain. it will be a good
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quick moving store but it will being quite a bit of rainfall. one and a half to 2 in. in the north. everywhere else about half an inch to an inch of rain. we will have a flood watch already in effect for the delta. that will continue until wednesday morning in the wind advisory will be possible because of strong winds. we are looking at us from 20 to 60 mi. an hour. your extended forecast shows not only brained and wind wednesday morning but thursday friday saturday sunday and monday we will be seen rain. heavy rain friday and saturday. >> you have until meant went in and night to take advantage of the cyber deals. gabe slate sorts out the best tack deals this monday which are not sold out yet. >> one of the best deals is
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web address. looking at the golden gate bridge and north of southbound traffic moving well. we will be right back. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out!
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>> be honest did you make any purchases on cyber monday at work today? some 61 percent said they did not have time. six percent said there is nothing there want. kron4 wants to know what you think. log on to our facebook fan page. we will be right back after this.
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am i on forty-niners kant's quarterback controversy. the question now is is the decision final? what jim harbaugh has to say next.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news at 5:30 p.m. the dust has barely settled following sunday's forty-niners victory in new orleans against the saints. fans are once again talking quarterback controversy. should the team go with the hot hand or give the ball back to established starter alex smith? >> this is a unique situation. both have played extremely well. >> that is regular monday news conference jim harbaugh said starting quarterback next sunday is will be which
5:31 pm
ever gets his team the best chance to win. >> and the situation you have two quarterbacks playing that a very high level. one is your captain, one is your starting quarterback. the other is has placed great football the last three games. both have a hot hand. >> harbaugh praised the latest performance by standing quarterback calling pasternak who they're saying played extremely well in playoff like atmosphere on the road. fans seem to be clamoring for more. >> cap rack is 6 ft. 4 >> he has a hot hand right now is the have derided out right? >> coach carlos says sunday starter will be 18 decision. he called alex smith a class guy who has done nothing wrong.
5:32 pm
>> alex smith is our starting quarterback. he is not done anything to lose that job. >> harbaugh is expected to announce his decision by wednesday. >> the losses over the severe beating over a giants fan outside dodger stadium last year. san francisco general hospital wants $1.2 million from the dodgers for care is provided to brian's though. his family is also suing was angeles for $50 million to pay for a lifetime medical expenses. doctors say that he has met left with the mental capacity of a 12 year-old. thousands of people attended the macy's they giving day parade last week were showered income fatty. upon closer inspection some of that confetti was made up of shredded police documents and authorities are not happy. >> among the crowds at the thanksgiving day parade was
5:33 pm
this young man even single stain. among the floats balloons and marching bands somebody threw confetti. sounds harmless but a piece of it stuck on to the code of one of finkelstein friends. it lent >> it landed on her shoulder and she took off her jacket and said afghanistan and there was a number looking like a social security number. >> it looks like this. we blurt out the social security number and other information. they were concerned and they picked up more. >> they had some security numbers and license plate numbers and different information from the police. >> some of the strips mentioned arrest records and had official police reports. >> a homemade bomb was made in this area >> that is partly police
5:34 pm
department's official inland there. there is official information from it rummies motorcade from the debate last month. it identified detectives, some apparently under cover. they're so security numbers, dates of birth and other highly sensitive confidential information that were concealed. >> i am completely in shock that, how could anyone have this kind of information. why is this being shredded and distributed at the thanksgiving day parade? >> that is what we want to know as well. the police and army said they're very concerned and are launching an investigation. >> the investigation is ongoing and there's no word as to whether not the police have any leads at this time. >> we woke up to dense fog this morning and it is in the forecast for tomorrow morning as well. visibility
5:35 pm
is not too bad. visibility is not under a mile which is when it tends to be really tricky. that is one we see airport delays like we saw this morning. future cast four tomorrow morning it shows fog any north bay valleys early. it becomes more extensive in the 7:00 area so we could see it delays at the airport again. and by the 9:00 hour it is fairly widespread and continues to be widespread into the 11:00 hour. we will see some sunshine in the early afternoon. chilly temperatures for inland valleys. there'll be some breaks in the afternoon away from the coast line but we will see clouds back later in the afternoon as raid approaches wednesday morning. heavy rain, gusty winds expected. weighty see how much rain is in store for the bay area and a
5:36 pm
matter of five hours. i will show you in just a bit. >> the president is defending himself that he has given himself a new powers. last week he has said no court can throw him out of office because of his laws or decisions. a lot of the egyptians are afraid he will be another dictator calling him the new faro. one of the top aides is defending him in an interview. >> several days have passed since this decree in the outcome has not been pleasant. was this just a bad miscalculation by the president? >> now. it is a good calculation to avoid >> talking use it was not a bad outcome uc with happening in the streets? >> because we have the counter revolution activists who are holding the main things in this country.
5:37 pm
>> of the people are not to mubarak sympathizers. they're the same faction that led the revolution. >> most of them were not in the square. >> the aid that he was talking to claims that the power that the present demands would be temporary until a new constitution is formed. and the west bank's they're getting ready to as the exhumed about her body of yasir arafat. circumstances are still a mystery. a lot of people think that the leader was poisoned. scientists will try to find some clothes. there recent investigation found traces of a radioactive substance found on his belongings. israel has been accused of being involved. the government refuses to comment. police found and defused a bomb planted under the car of a tv anchor. he was
5:38 pm
shopping for groceries when someone spotted a suspicious looking back under his car. his and threatened for covering the tell then shooting of a 15 year-old girl. he said he will not be silenced by threats saying they tell than once to stop journalist from speaking the truth. >> another check on traffic this monday evening the bay bridge toll plaza all lanes fasttrack car pool pay gates moving well. no problem. we will be back. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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among stocks closing lower today as consumers continue to worry about the looming fiscal cliff. looking at the numbers some wall street today the dow lost 43 points. the close at just under 13,000. it fell three points to 0.8. the nasdaq
5:42 pm
gained 10. >> eight big shopping day this cyber monday, seems like they're growing every year. >> it certainly does cyber monday is no longer monday, is cyber weekend. it all starts after halloween now and the numbers are a huge. it is all become a huge promotional event. black friday stars three weeks early. the iphone is almost 9 percent of shopping. the cyber is there, it is certainly there but not on monday like use to be. one thing i've noticed is that companies and even merritt using technology to get lower prices. >> the stock for facebook is
5:43 pm
inching back up. >> we will call it a winner today. he basically upgraded the stock today. he put a hold on it back in november when the lockout expired and now is calling to buy. he is more right than wrong. they are pushing moab's i notice that on my phone. it has been a spike. on every copy is made, i give credit where credit is due. >> yahoo has gone up over the last three months. >> everyone is in love with mercy mayor except for the people are going to get fired. i will let you objectify beatty. $24 price target. the use the proceeds from selling their rally by chinese yahoo. the analysts
5:44 pm
are little less pessimistic yahoo is going down the drain. their numbers are higher, they are doing something right. credit where credit is due. >> let's talk about god and style. this song is everywhere. >> at one. time google played $3 billion for youtube and we were asking why? now we get. almost a million use for this song. it pokes fun at oversized influence. it is a big advertising. you can get 8 billion eyeball's anywhere. flip the switch unit wider distribution. this went right for so many reasons. the revenue on mobile is great for global youtube. i only see it going higher. the just and bieber song, the friday song it's not
5:45 pm
going away anytime soon. >> you can catch rob black segments on the kron4 morning news. we also do your questions with rows of any consent and your questions at kron4 rob black on facebook. >> we will have on and off rain systems throughout the week starting wednesday morning. tomorrow morning will leasing fog and increasing cloud cover into the afternoon. it was sort of pushed closer to the coast line. the system that will be impacted as wednesday is still well to the north and offshore. it is happening in subtropical moisture and happening all the way here. that will mean heavy rain for the bay area. future cast shows an increase in clouds tomorrow's expected. a chance of light showers although we will stay mostly dry through pretty much all of tuesday. early wednesday morning showers start near the north bay. we will see light rain starting off the inland valleys by about 3:00 in the morning.
5:46 pm
as we head into the 6:00 hour on wednesday heavy rain started to approach the north bay. along the san mateo coast line and over san francisco. right smack dab in the middle of your commute. we will have moderate to heavy rain for much of them bay area. fairly widespread that the 9:00 the hour. the 10:00 hour the rain starts to taper off a little bit in the north bay. we will see lingering showers and livermore and san jose. showers will start to fill in the afternoon and we could see some some breaks wednesday afternoon. the heavy rain is now pushing for for several hours starting at about six and going for about 10. anywhere from an inch to two and a half inches in the north bay mountains. the lower amounts are for the valleys. as a look elsewhere we will see half an inch to an inch of rain in the short timeframe. we will also see a flood watch in effect for the delta regions because of the heavy rain coming so quickly. i wind advisory
5:47 pm
will also be possible because winds will be fairly strong especially at the coast line. winds up to 60 mi. an hour as we move into as wednesday afternoon. this system will bring rain for the most part in snow above 6,500 ft. on wednesday. snow above 7,500 ft. on thursday. rain and snow wednesday morning, a little break wednesday afternoon. there is a pretty much all day friday saturday sunday and possibly into monday. >> (male announcer) stanley roberts found some people behaving badly... there is so much love in the air. i do not think that qualifies as a holiday bird. could you lose the horn, i'm trying to tell a story here. the berkeley bolt is at
5:48 pm
apparently offering by one child get one free specials. this must of been a bad bunch because i've caught her bringing them back. it definitely is buy one get one free parking spaces because somehow these people managed to fit three cars and two spaces. this seems to leave one of the drivers a bit confused. to clear up the confusion that she snaps photos, i'm assuming for a historical value. you took a picture that car why? >> because its parking right in the middle. will give the to get to me. >> you did not see those to do not enter signs? >> i did not i just turn right then. >> people behaving badly, congratulations. i'd like to congratulate all the drivers that ignore the do not block the crosswalk law. we know
5:49 pm
it's all about you. the truck drivers that their delivery was in import enough to block the bike lanes. i simply love how the festive spirit brings out the best and some people. when i say best, what i really mean is >> they really are behaving badly >> yet what she said. no matter what kind of rush your and remember remain, and observe all traffic rules. wow. ok. >> let's add to the san mateo bridge where things are quite heavy eastbound in particular. traffic regency had lights headed toward hayward are very heavy. also very heavy westbound on the right side of your screen. we will be back.
5:50 pm
[ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ]
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[ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >> of the hon start of two and half man says that his chauffeuse people's heads
5:53 pm
with " filth. he talks about his new-found religion in the video and urges people not to watch the show and that he does not want to be on it anymore. the grid the answers are not commenting upon the statement and chris brown is breaking up with his twitter account. he deleted his account after an exchange on sunday with comedian jimmy johnson. he complained about looking old at 23. she took the bait and the conversation that followed could not be repeated on tv. jazz great marcus miller is recovering from injuries after his tour bus crashed in switzerland on sunday. he was traveling with 10 ban menders from monaco to the netherlands won the bus turned onto a busy highway. the driver was killed. a
5:54 pm
reserve driver and members of the band were heard but did not have serious injuries. you can catch all of your entertainment news on kron4. entertainment tonight starts at 7. we will be right back.
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moffett fog cover the bay area this morning and throughout the day dozens of flights were delayed because of the. we are live at sfo continuing to monitor flights. a south bay police department is looking to hire a police chief after a 30 year veteran announced he is stepping down. residents are wanted to be a part of who is stepping in line next. >> pam mention the fog, it will be back but so will the rain. i will let you know when you will need the umbrella coming up.
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playing havoc with air travel. we are live as if all were flight delays have stretched to more than four hours. >> we also saw several flight cancellations. >> a series of storms set to hit the bay area this week. i will show you what to expect coming out.up. (male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news a series of powerful rain storms expected to hit the area starting wednesday morning. we're expecting several inches of rain in the bay area. i'm here with jacqueline in the weather center and she is checking the storm. the heavy fog this morning at sfo delayed the fights for hours. -- flights and how long was your delay?
6:01 pm
>> my delay was to ours and i was coming in from san diego. typically at their our fog delays the west coast at the brunt of it. 60 to 90 goldman at delays. at the west coast flights sought to to to one half hour delays. if you look at the board we're still seeing delays, mostly from the west coast flights. i was not wanting to take no to an answer and walk down to the united terminal and all of their flights were delayed as well. one of the life lessons i've learned from today's experience is never trust actually what is up on the boards or even what is on the airline web site. there are several different times on there, none of them right. the only way i got a straight answer was actually going to a gate and talking to a human being. my flight was listed for taking off at
6:02 pm
1020 this morning. a got delayed until noon. when i actually talked to the person they said noon actually means one 05 p.m. if i had actually taken the united flight i would of got in here sooner but i did not know about the secret wheels up time. a lot of people experience it that today. flights coming from all over the country as well as international. >> how was it looking tonight? >> tonight things are looking better. we're still seeing them delays of west coast flights from 60 to 90 minutes. when fog comes and instead of landing plane side-by-side at 60 an hour they are landing 30 an hour. that is what's causing this back up. we are starting to catch up and by about nine or 10 tonight we will be really caught up. at this point we are still seeing some delays. >> band carmen reporting at sfo and welcome home.
6:03 pm
>> rain is coming through the we have to get through one more morning of the dense fog. visibility is not bad. we are seeing some reduced visibility but is not too bad right now. temperatures are widespread in the '50s and even teetering on the 40's and in the bottle and vallejo. 54 in san mateo right now 55 in livermore. visibility at we just talked about again as reduced in portions of the north bay and in concord. really not that bad at this hour. it is expected to get worse as we head into the overnight hours. we will see areas of dense fog yet again and chilly temperatures. we will see '40's and '30's and the overnight hours. and tomorrow mostly sunny skies briefly in the afternoon. clouds moving and later in the afternoon as we have another storm approaching in the bay area. this will bring heavy rain and gusty winds. it will be the first and a series of storms impacting the bay area this week. future cast time, look
6:04 pm
at those rainfall totals. we will also see how much rain we have in store in just a bit. >> police say a father killed a teenager early sunday morning after the boy got into a fight with his son. the suspect is now behind bars, accused of committing the crime. 44 year-old wendy williams of the layout. >> responding to a call from hell for his 19 year-old son who was involved in a physical altercation with a 17 year-old boy at a house party here in l.a. help. 44 year-old randy williams and did that according to investigators here at vallejo police headquarters. investigators say the shooting victims 17 year-old gary white of richmond was found dead at the scene. a woman at thlives near and describe the gunfire. >> there were three shots.
6:05 pm
this is sad. especially a 17 year-old. >> after gathering information from witnesses monday morning williams was arrested at his home for murder. the suspect's wife asked not to reveal her identity and said her husband did not do it. >> he did not do this, i did not know he did not do that. he cannot do that from being in bed asleep across town. he cannot be in two places at once. >> when i told the police what williams live say about him being innocent they said no comment in the case is still under investigation. >> a 14 year-old boy charged as an adult with attempted murder, sexual assault and kidnapping of his 65 year- old woman appeared in court today. caviar king was scheduled to be arraigned at the hearing was postponed. vallejo authorities sayapped a k force to drive several miles away where he sexually assaulted and beat her before leaving her in a ditch. police described that
6:06 pm
attack as random. san jose is hiring new police chief falling chief chris morris retirement announcement. he leaves out what people call turmoil in san jose. filing crime is up property crime is ups. there is a discussion this evening where residents are talking about what qualities they would like to see in their next police chief. >> i am live outside the community center where about half an hour the meeting will start were people get an opportunity to express what qualities they think a new police chief should have. a few months ago san jose's current police chief chris more i not said he would be leading in mid january. the city does not have a lot of time to find a replacement. amongst other qualities that they're looking for someone who be an effective manager in communicator. some with a foreign record of success in fighting crime and someone who will work with san jose is the first community. more
6:07 pm
has only been on the job for two years and held a similar series of meeting before he was hired. to i will be the first of four public sessions. there'll be one on wednesday and two more in december. on kron4 and his at 8:00 we'll have more from tonight's meeting and what qualities residents would like to see in a police chief. >> the high street bridge in alameda was closed for a little more than an hour this afternoon while police investigated and death there. police arrived on the scene and found a man hanging from his neck. the police immediately close the bridge in both directions to investigate the death. alameda in oakland firefighters hope to recover the body. please open the bridge just over an hour after was closed. they're still investigating exactly what led to that man's death. a record number of american consumers did their holiday shopping over the weekend. this according to a survey
6:08 pm
from the national retail survey federation. 27 million people visited stores and web sites over the thanksgiving holiday weekend. that is up 9% from last year. the survey shows that shoppers also spend more this year. the average shopper shelled out $423 over the four days. 58 percent of shoppers bought clothing or accessories. one u.s. expert says that it is a clue that the economy still has a way to go into its recovery. clothing is >> clothing is typically bought one your and recession. luxury goods, the biggest retail increases in clothing. it is good but it indicates we're still in a tough economy. >> the holiday season shopping continues today is that a severed monday. results for its fiber monday from ibm and digital analysts' shall 2012 online sales are up nearly 26% from last year. 21 percent of
6:09 pm
shoppers are using mobile devices of the store's web site. the iphone continues to drive more retail sales than any other device. it reaches 8.3%. analysts predicts online shopping numbers could break even more records this season. >> for most monday marked the first day back at work actor long holiday weekend. instead of capping up many spent the day cashing in. holiday bargain blitz. as shoppers will spend one and a half billion dollars a cyber monday. a new record. not to say the game is not change our the years. the original appeal a cyber monday when shopping network with faster internet speeds. today things are different. internet at home is just as fast and more people shop on their mobile devices. deals they used to be a reserve for after thanksgiving weekend are popping up
6:10 pm
earlier. researchers are trying to draw shoppers in sooners. one lady that is staggering the deals. some came in last week and some this week and the big bang was monday. for the ladies with an eye for luxury case paid reduce prices up to 75% in honor cyber monday. whether in store on line this is a key time for the all the country's retailers. the national retail federation says stores can make up to 40 percent of their annual revenue during the holiday season. 247 million people already open their wallets of black friday. don't get left behind on line and start clicking. >> we will take a look at the last minute negotiations congress is facing as the fiscal cliff and those near. pieces of confetti at macy's
6:11 pm
thanksgiving day parade last week are created quite a buzz. investigation is under way after a closer inspection of that can fatty reveal some personal information. and a lawsuit over the severe beating of a giants fan outside of dodgers stadium last year. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
6:12 pm
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6:13 pm
>> we're 36 days away from
6:14 pm
the fiscal cliff. lawmakers say the stakes are very high. the question tonight is that compromise in the air? >> 36 days ago until deep spending cuts and tax increases go into effect. >> we have been open to revenue by closing loopholes as long as this time the spending cuts >> there have to be compromises and seeking the middle of the road is not acceptable. is the only way forward. >> various republicans in congress signed and agreed to never vote for higher taxes. some of the right are willing to break that pledge of for the right deal. >> i will violate the pledge of long story short for the good of the country. only if democrats will do retirement reforms. >> we should not be taken by and clad positions >> grover norquist takes issue with that >> if you wanna go to your voters and say i promise you
6:15 pm
this and i'm breaking my promise you can have that conversation with them but your not having an argument with me. >> a new poll shows two- thirds of people prefer a budget plan with a mix of spending cuts and tax increases. norquist is vowing to unseat those to walk back on their word when it comes to taxes. >> when it comes a highlight who is kept that commitment and who hasn't >> some republicans are willing to take that chance. >> in new york the nassau county police department isn't investigating why confidential police documents for use as confetti in macy's thanksgiving day parade. the camp that was shredded horizontal the meaning the information was clearly visible. their reports on mitt romney's motorcade for the presidential debate and other information such as security numbers and license plate numbers of personal information on police
6:16 pm
officers. some of the officers work under cover. the holiday season is under way when the big beautiful christmas trees are rode into washington d.c.. last week it was a white house today was the capital tree. that is a huge one, a 65 ft. tall ankle and spruce. it came away from the white river national forest in colorado. once in place it will be decorated with 5000 ornaments. they were all handmade by colorado residents. in world news a spokesman for each of brotherhood says they have canceled a mass rally in support of president mohammad morrissey. he comes from the brotherhood's political party. the demonstration was supposedly canceled to avoid public attention. a lot of people are enraged over more as these actions saying he is now becoming another dictator. protesters have been clashing with police. secretary of state
6:17 pm
hillary clinton asked tuesday to settle this democratically. >> we are concerned there would be violence that there be competing demonstrations. the right people are talking to each other and that is a good step. we want to see this issue resolved in a way that meets the standards and principles that we have been supporting all the way through since the revolution began. >> more see issued an edict that allows him to rule the country unchecked by the judicial system. he claims this is until the new constitution is created. and response egest course in respoegypt's courts and not responsible have rejected his response. >> temperatures in the '60s in the afternoon will not call that much until wednesday. we will see a
6:18 pm
series of systems on wednesday thursday friday off for your extended forecast. it will bring quite a bit of rain. temperatures tomorrow out the door we'll be dealing with fog and chilly conditions in places like napa. warming into low 60s for the most part in the afternoon. we will stay in the fifties for the north bay and near the coast line. satellite and radar shows that there is some clouds approaching the bay area. this system will be impacting us wednesday morning. it still remains well off shore to the north. the tale is extending all the way down to the south pier. it is filling and subtropical moisture and when that happens we have the potential for some very heavy rainfall. it looks like that is what we're going to get. future cast four for tomorrow afternoon increasing cloud cover and the potential for a few
6:19 pm
light sprinkles and coastline. tuesday we will say mainly dry until after midnight. the 1:00 hour light rain starts the north bay coastline spreading to the rest of the north bay. inland valleys will be by 3:00. by 6 the meeting gets under way. heavy rain moving into the north bay and over san francisco. the 7:00 hour moderate to heavy rain is pretty much everywhere. it will last for your morning commute and through the 9:00 hour. widespread and finally starting to taper off for the north bay are around 10. still on going for livermore in san jose. we'll finally see a break after the noon hour. there'll be a link few lingering showers into the afternoon. rainfall totals an inch to up to 2 1/2 inches and the north bay and mountains. higher amounts are for higher elevations. lower elevations we will see anywhere from half an inch to an inch of rain. that is before the five hour window. we have a flood watch in
6:20 pm
effect for the doubts of. a wind advisory will probably be issued and that is because the winds are becoming very strong especially near the coast line. up to 60 mi. an hour gusts are expected. this will be the first in a series of systems. again wednesday morning rain and wind wednesday afternoon a little bit of a break. thursday friday saturday sunday possibly into monday a series of storms. we will see heavy rain both thursday and friday for prolonged periods of time. you need the latest forecast any time on the new 24/7 news channel comcast 193 or digital 4.2 we will be right back after this break. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever.
6:21 pm
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6:23 pm
census and a general hospital is the new $1.2 million reimbursement from the los angeles dodgers for the trauma care they have provided for the fan bryans though. he was brutally
6:24 pm
beaten by to dodger fans and march following the season opener. his family are also suing the teen over a lack of security outside the stadium which they say led to the assault. stowe has been left with the mental capacity of a 12 year-old child. we will be right back. uz
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>> this can all escaped life for the circus for a quick sightseeing and run around town. we will show you more video of the camels escape. >> i think we found the fountain of youth. >> a new trend that doctors say is bringing back news again. no needles, and no pain. no deep grdetails coming p next. >> we will detail the rain coming up in just a bit.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
investigators at the vallejo police department arrest 44 year-old brandy williams sr. for the shooting death of a 17 year-old richmond boy. the shooting happened at a house party early sunday morning on robust way. authorities believe williams shot the 17 year- old falling in altercation between the boy and his 19 year-old son. they say statements led to his arrest for the murder. >> residents started a makeshift memorial to remember the 14 year-old girl who was struck and killed at this intersection by a pickup while riding her bike to school. investigators say the girl was traveling eastbound on jefferson and went to make a right turn onto at amata dallas, as when she was hit. the driver is come cooperating with the investigation. it is still not knowing why the driver hit the girl.
6:31 pm
>> a brazen robbery attempt in san jose at this jury store. a caller tells us early monday morning just after the store opened two armed robbers stormed through the front door. they took their guns and tried to shatter the glass case. inside the case was expensive jewelry and instead the female store owner took out a hand gun and started shooting at the suspects. they fled. police say basis confiscated the surveillance video to see if they can identify any of the suspects. >> in san jose the city will be holding a public meeting tonight at the barre as a community center. to allow people to give without qualities and they think the new police chief should have. the current chief chris mohr is set to leave in january. that does not leave the city much time to find a replacement. coming up we will have reaction
6:32 pm
from the media. >> and santa clara forty- niners and jim harbaugh keeping his options open concerning his next weekend starting quarterback. harbaugh praised de performance by collin kaepernick but refused to let alex meth be diminished. it will be a team decision, likely announce on wednesday. >> sfo low clouds and fog caused major flight delays throughout the day. 69 the mets on average and in some cases to an half-hour's. some cases even longer. we're not just talking about west coast flights but also international. three international flights had to be diverted to other airports do low fuel because they could not land. is of
6:33 pm
43 flight cancellations. as of 630 this evening we are still catching up but we're still seeing delays of west coast flights. >> the big weather story tonight is the rain that will be moving into the bay area wednesday morning. tuesday will be mostly dry. as a moment too early wednesday morning that is when the wind rules and. -- rain roles and in. it is still going and the time clock hour and finally clearing up by the early afternoon. we will be looking at quite a bit of rain in a short period of time. one to 2 in. in the north bay and the mountains. at the higher amount for the mountains. up to it and elsewhere. flood advisories and not a fact for the belts of because of the amount of rain in the short amount of time. it wind advisory has
6:34 pm
not been issued yet but we will see wind gusts up to 60 mi. an hour. this will be the first in a series of systems. one wednesday morning and thursday friday saturday sunday possibly also into monday. >> another big story the national retail federation reports said 247 million people shop online or in stores over the thanksgiving holiday weekend. up 9% from 2011. consumers spent more this year on average, shelling out 45 bucks more per person. despite a sales is good news but it is too soon to tell if that trend will continue through december. one-fifth of retail sales comes from holiday shopping. >> cyber monday deals are going on until midnight. one of the best deals right now is one sale de .com it is the daily deals site. bonds
6:35 pm
a novel of tablet is for $99. this is a full-featured high and tablet. if that sells out you go to barnes and noble by coming in and tablet and if use a mastercard that will knock off $20 making it $139. amazon right now is offering the kindle fire tablet for $129. you have to enter the code fire deal at check out to get this price. >> we all know there and as potions and creams which promises to turn back the clock on aging. and this study at stanford university shows there is solid science behind at least one high- tech antiaging tool. >> you are looking at a skin laser treatment so bright normally you would have to wear dark goggles. it is a burning light that is not only making skin look younger but is actually causing the skin cells to become younger.
6:36 pm
>> the old skin and reverse a gene expression to a large degree to that of use will scan. >> it is actually changing the dna tests can. a new standard clinical study shows there rather than just a cosmetic mimic of young scan what is going on here is altering human genes associated with the aging process. plastic surgeons like dr. elizabeth lee of berkeley a mafia are impressed. >> it is have close to the fountain of youth as we actually have. >> the zero lasers call these sites on broadband light. >> people ask me what i was using on my skin >> michele is receiving this treatment at san francisco to improve her skin >> all the skin on my body has changed as i've gotten older >> after four sessions may be surprised to know the show's real age >> i am 43, almost 44 in >> your cells go back out
6:37 pm
was tender 15 years before. literally the cell becomes younger. this is science. >> this is science >> i think we found the fountain of usyouth >> this is currently being used by a number of their metallic as of plastic surgeons in the bay area. mostly for skin damage from the sun but now they're showing it has anti aging properties. you can imagine it will likely be in high demand. >> (male announcer) stanley roberts found some people behaving badly... most people love to donating to charity. if you put a quarter of this machine you may get five pieces of candy. on top in big bold letters it says national federation of the blind. the small print says differently. you can donate books and some in the books have been donated to these
6:38 pm
bands they are filled to the ram. in castro valley there are desolatdozens of these band. tonight at 8 we will look at some of these bands. >> it appeared one day and it's been here for five or six months. >> most people are wondering where they came from and are they really don't 80 to a charity? i will explain in my next segment of people behaving badly. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> a sea of chaos was last them shop for start of wall black friday shopping at the rose the galleria. cysts just started flying. a guide to the top of the trash can ensure that a man. the next thing they know 2 women started fighting and it turned into an all-out brawl. 2 men vs one. witnesses say it lasted about 50 minutes before
6:42 pm
security step in. caught on tape a police officers profanity on the arrest of a teenager. you can see the police officer running to have a teenager and the had. kelly told the mother said t the top is to be suspended. the city says an internal investigation is on the way. a runaway camel made a busy scene on the streets of california. the camel decided to make a run for it from the ramose brothers circus in glendale. he was not too keen about a new trainer putting on her harness so she walked away. she went to a nearby gas station. miraculously no one was hurt. >> an unusual rematched and it looks like another week
6:43 pm
of talk over the alex smith or collin kaepernick controversy.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>> the 49ers most impressive victory and may be a month. in new orleans they really had a gallon and collin kaepernick outplayed their breeze. alex smith watched by an 200 and yards. he also ran for a touchdown as well. 40 niner defense was equally stellar. they ran a couple of balls back for touchdowns by the interception. 3121 and today harbaugh everybody said capper neck, smith power you feeling today coach. >> in a unique situation yet to quarterback playing at a
6:47 pm
very high level. one injured capt. one is your starting quarterback and the other has played a great football the last three games. both had a hot hand. it is unique. the biggest reason is so our players aren't pressured to who is it? everyone at hammering them for information. i think in my mind that is the direction we will go. >> if the coach is doing a just and maybe make alex smith feel a little better, ok. if he is doing it because he wants to see rob fladeboe leave the 530 news that's all right, injured the media around a little bit. he knows who's starting sunday against their rams. i'm gonna say this wartime, the 49ers are winning. when you are the king can you act
6:48 pm
like the king. >> he knows what it feels like to be the game >> i always i have a little fun with people. when you are the keying you can tease people and have a little fun. when i'd soon on and saw rob fladeboe law and you just very sternly the first thing i thought of was what about me? >> here you are >> you can come in early next time >> not for that. what is you think when you saw a flat above doing sports a 530? >> what an excellent job >> of the one piece of bad forty-niner newsom kyle williams will lose the rest of the season with a torn ligament in his left knee. surgery will be likely next week. he injured his ankle. it did not appear serious
6:49 pm
his a running back. the real bad news is kyle williams and hunter with an injured ankle but that is the only negative news out of the forty-niner win. the raiders once again very, very bad. his first return to cincinnati since it decided he'd rather retire them play there. >> those were not go get on carson, they booed him right from the outset. the bengals took care of the rest sacking him four times. he only threw for 436 yds. banquo's won going away 34 of 10. raiders are now three and eight. they've lost four and a row. when as your new coach in the rear and coat kat itand kicks it is hard to well. go >> you can't get that far back and say you're gonna come back now. we have to
6:50 pm
learn that lesson. we have to understand that. when you on the road and a tough environment have to be of the start fast and get the crowd out of the football game. we were not able to do that in any phase of the game yesterday. >> this is the just the tip because i am the king as tam said earlier wear a t-shirt when you lose four and a row. -- ham sa pam said i hope that is spotty all week and you are >> settled by the that is not going to happen -- so do i. >> when the news reporters can't think of anything to say cam is not cranky and robotic. when dave leaned
6:51 pm
over and say may get a good weekend, doesn't it making knives? it is not funny it is not even attempted humor. have you ever exit and the kick someone in the groin? that is wet suit from the detroit lions is claiming. >> he deserve to be penalized. >> love not blook, now boom. thl says they're still investigating it. no suspension for sault and so far the kit and the rhine has not hurt him. --kick in the groin and airline stevin
6:52 pm
taylor rushed for 446 yds. the way this works out stamford were opposed the pact 12 championship game. a lot of people said you s c r down will be the favorites this year. stamford you and you l c a for the title. >> both teams played good football and great defense and learn the ball well -- run i think they should try to play the game the right way and run the spots where they are. >> this is some good news and i will explain to pam and jackie in a moment. the individual shares for winning the world series announce that $337,000 per man. 337,002 matt cain and
6:53 pm
is a big deal. >> they should donated to charity if is not a big deal >> they should.. are you trying to make an audition tape? she could handle fred roe been at knbc. anyway the point i'm making is it your the equivalent measure you're not making the sixth eight years. if you make 337,000 hits fantastic. this is twice the equipment man may be the little bat boy who takes care of the bats on a full-time basis gets 337,000. that is pretty great. darn near every employee in the entire season the grounds crew, isn't that great? for some other friends guys who are there every day and you never hear about them they
6:54 pm
get that money and after taxes they are sure to clear maybe 50,000 i don't know that's another story we will talk about later. i love you, you are my friend. the shows on the tape and they like me... the shows on thave a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. on any new volkswagen. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> i just checked with the forty-niners and they have not decided in the last two minutes cabernet course meth. >> we will be back at 8, see you then.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
what "dallas" star larry hagman admitted to us about his health before his passing. i'm kevin frazier in new york city. "the insider" is on. >> i know i'm old now. >> what's your prognosis? >> well, it's in remission now, so, i guess we'll make it for another 100 years. >> hagman's hopes of beating throat cancer. our unaired "insider" sitdown. >> they gave me a lot of time off for radiation and chemo. >> what will happen to his tv show after the loss? >> his tv niece in mourning today.

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